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New York Shark – Attention to Detail in the Design of This Insane Shark Feast

hungry shark

New York shark is no ordinary flash game with attention to detail in the scenes of every part of the stage you come across. This truly is a treat for the eyes of those who love everything New York as much as Jaw’s fans. Yes by simply tossing your shark around the screen as much as possible you will come across some classic New York characters and monsters! Did we mention Marshmellow man from Ghostbusters?

Castle Wars 2


A superb game designed around card based strategy battles with plenty of variety in terms of attacking and defending with various cards, Castle Wars 2 is a complete card battling game for medieval lovers.

Brawlin Sailor

brawlin sailor

A majority of people attain their understanding of sailors not through personal experience but as is the case with most things, through popular representations of them in various forms of media. Popeye the Sailor is a great example of this, reinforcing the classic stereotype of a sailors being big, burly gentlemen with anchor tattoos that smoke a pipe.

Earn to Die 3

The Earn to Die series from Toffee Games is a mild play on words that is indicative of the fairly gloomy and ominous subject matter of a zombie rebellion against humans (which they tend to do due to their ravenous hunger for human flesh).

These titles are primarily distance games with a vehicle-based progression across terrain where obstacles and zombies are roaming freely. The main aim is of course to reach the end of each level by smashing the obstacles and mashing the zombies with your car, but you are relatively handicapped at first due to your car requiring much upgrading and attention. Earn to Die 2 is the most recent title in the series and it was very entertaining but as with all games, flaws pop up here and there, as do small ideas for improvements of the title.

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Swords and Sandals 2

swords and sandals 2

If you’re tired of being outside, shirtless, and in the blistering sunshine (this weather reference was correct at time of writing), then perhaps you’d rather stay inside and be in control of a scantily-clad, flash-animated gladiator in Swords and Sandals 2 in which you get to experience the brutality of a good, old-fashioned Roman gladiator tournament. Shirt optional.

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kingdom and lordsOnline strategy simulation games let players build and manage their own kingdom or empire. Players get to amass armies and battle against other kingdoms for treasures and land. While these games normally take hundreds of hours of gameplay to fully enjoy, especially since you have to start off from scratch, they offer a great deal of satisfaction once you have built yourself a prominent and powerful kingdom – this is the case in Kingdoms and Lords and we explore the sequel to the app game.

forge of empiresForge of Empires – Great castle and kingdom building browser game by Inno Games – Read Review

papa burgeriaIn Papa’s Burgeria you need to be a good multi tasker in order to make enough delicious burgers for all the customers that keep flooding your fast food joint. Read Review

into space 2If you are after a fun launch game and you happen to have some time on your hands, Into Space 2 is a great pick. The simple yet balanced game play will offer enough challenge without being frustrating. Achievements and missions offer a worthwhile distraction from the repetitive requirement to upgrade your rocket. The graphics, though not quite at the level of “I Am Flying to the Moon”, focuses on little details which still puts the title ahead of the space race.

Learn to Fly

learn to fly

If you thought that tap dancing was all penguins do in their spare time, think again. Some, like the lead bird in Light Bringer’s Learn to Fly, are actually scheming to overcome their flightless nature. Displeased by Kiwipedia’s description, this penguin attempts to take to the skies with various gliders and high-powered rockets.